Loneliness is often thought of as being alone, having no family or friends around.  Also being of an interesting age (my term for elderly).  You may feel isolated if you have no close family or friends close by.  However, these are merely a few of the issues around loneliness, as it can form, from so many other life situations.

I want to encourage you to live your life

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Addictions, anxiety and depression, can be a contributing factor towards your loneliness. You may also be living with a life illness and finding it difficult to communicate this, or feel that no one else will understand. This can lead to emotional loneliness.

Should this be you, then reach out and get in touch. We will work together, exploring your loneliness, finding positive tools, that will encourage you to live your life, in a way where your loneliness will subside, and you make progress towards living your life in the best way you can. 

First steps

Get in touch

The best method to contact me is email or text. Should you choose to call, please leave a brief message. We will decide your next step.


During your initial contact we will arrange your 30 minute complimentary session.

Therapy Sessions

We agree a day and time for you to begin your therapy sessions.



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Seeking Therapy

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