Anxiety can surface at any time, usually when you are feeling scared of the unknown. Your heart rate will increase, your breathing may become shallow, along with a rapid heart rate.  Your thoughts may turn negative, and you begin to worry and also you find it difficult to concentrate.  Those who are taking exams, have job interviews, or when leaving their home, may cause some of these symptoms. 

Manage your symptoms in a productive way

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Anxiety is prevalent in today’s society.  We are hearing more and more people openly speaking about their anxiety issues.  Celebrities are sharing their anxieties, which is encouraging and also helps us all to recognise, that we too, may have anxieties that we never recognised as anxiety!  It’s also a condition that you may not want to share with anyone.  Coming to therapy can assist you by speaking about what is causing your anxiousness in privacy. You will learn how to manage your symptoms in a productive way.  

Coming to therapy can cause anxiety, however, take that first step!  It’s 30 minutes free and you do not need to commit, you can go away and think about your experience, before making your decision. 

First steps

Get in touch

The best method to contact me is email or text. Should you choose to call, please leave a brief message. We will decide your next step.


During your initial contact we will arrange your 30 minute complimentary session.

Therapy Sessions

We agree a day and time for you to begin your therapy sessions.



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