You are not alone. Together, let’s help you become your best self

Providing individual Counselling and Psychotherapy, to individuals, teenagers, couples and more recently parent & child relationships.

Supporting you to live a happier,
healthier and more informed lifestyle.

Group 9

My mission is to assist and support individuals to have a happier and healthier mindset. We may go through life changes and challenges, which impact our thoughts and emotions. We can become overwhelmed, feeling sad, alone, ashamed etc. These are your feelings and we can work through them together, so that you become your best self.

First steps

A chance for us to meet and get to know each other, talk through what you’d like to work on in therapy, and give you the chance to ask any questions you may have.

Get in touch

The best method to contact me is email or text. Should you choose to call, please leave a brief message. We will decide your next step.


During your initial contact we will arrange your 30 minute complimentary session.

Therapy Sessions

We agree a day and time for you to begin your therapy sessions.

Helping you, become your best self.

Group 9

Family & Relationships

Working with family members has become an area that I feel passionate about.  We are informed by “society” to love and care for our family.  What if family is the one place where you are hurt or harmed, you don’t feel you belong, or you just don’t want to be around them.  Seek my support with any of these issues.  We will explore what is going on for you in confidence, and work on ways to manage how you feel and behave when around your family.  


Depression can affect anyone at anytime. It may begin with a life event such as loss of a loved one, loss of a job etc.  Depression can also happen when our life is not going how we would like.  It can be a debilitating experience which prevents you from enjoying experiences you once loved such as socialising.   If this sounds familiar, get in touch.  We can work together, allowing you to work through your thoughts and feelings, which will encourage and support you to live a happier life. 


Anxiety can surface at any time, usually when you are feeling scared of the unknown.  Your heart rate will increase, your breathing may become shallow, along with a rapid heart rate.  Your thoughts may turn negative, and you begin to worry and also you find it difficult to concentrate.  Those who are taking exams, have job interviews, or when leaving their home, may cause some of these symptoms. Working together, you will gain tools that you can use to monitor and control your anxiety, whenever the need arises.

About me

I am a Counsellor and Psychotherapist with 7+ years experience. I have worked within primary and secondary schools, as well as Mental health settings and the NHS. I currently work with individuals from the age of 14, as well as couples. I also offer parent and child sessions, assisting in the building of healthy relationships between each other. 

My passion for the work I do, comes from assisting those who choose to work with me, witnessing them transform their lives in a healthy and productive way.

A place we can both connect


Beautiful period building in the heart of Manchester City Centre. Situated amongst public transport links. There is also ample car parking nearby. Disabled parking is is available near to the entrance.

The Royal Exchange

Manchester Royal Exchange
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"Angela has helped me to process certain events in my life and given me the space to talk about personal experiences I wouldn't otherwise."
"I am able to form and enjoy better relationships with my wife and children and able to feel a lot calmer in myself in every day situations."
"I have been able to think through how to better myself by thinking positively about myself, exploring what feelings shape my behaviour and searching for 'self.' I'm able to make decisions based off my genuine self, as opposed to how I feel others should feel."
"Angela helped me catch my overthinking. Managing that and rethinking the way I approach situations :)"
"These sessions have helped me massively. They have helped me to not only come to terms with my friend's death, but also to deal with it. The sessions have also helped me to deal with past traumas and my way of thinking, and how I approach life on a daily basis."
"I feel very comfortable and safe during counselling, and I can see my mental health improve. I look forward to counselling and I feel as if things are getting better for me due to this."



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